【Terrace House Opening New Doors】SPOILERS Part 1: Episode 2 A New Experience For Her


Terrace House "OPENING NEW DOORS" in Karuizawa is a Japanese reality TV show featuring 6 people living in a share house. This is a spoiler of the show also revealing Studio Talk!

Part 1: Episode 2 A New Experience For Her

The next morning, Yudai made soup for everyone. How was taste? Sean promises to go to Kusatsu with Tsubasa. Yudai asks Ami out. "

Studio Talk Review of last show

Studio member talks about the last episode.

Yamazato thinks the new members have strong charactors. Tokui is excited to find out.

University student Ami (20 years old) goes to the university three times a week.

Yama-chan "Well, she is aspired to be a model and she is doing the minimum to graduate"

Tokui "No no, I think she wants to pass all the units"

Yamazato "she figures she will be successful as a model after graduating with a minimum subjects"

Tokui “So you are targeting Ami at the moment” LOL

Yudai (19 years old) aspiring chef is looking for work in Karuizawa.

Tokui "And, he is  a puppy ..."

Yamazato "And his type is a person who does everything around him."

YOU "He wants a mother dog"

Yamazato "He's got great one-liners"

Mizuki (26 years old) was born in Shonan and lives in South Korea.

Yamazato "She wanted to live in Terrace House since the first Series."

Takayuki (31 years old), professional snowboarder is from Saku city, the neighboring town of Karuizawa.

Tokui: "At first, I thought he was a cool professional snowboarder, but watching him drinking beer after his bath, he just looks like your typical old guy" (studio laugh)

Trindle "But wait a moment! Isn't he good looking?"

Yamazato "He said he's never seen a girl like Ami"

Hayama "There's no girl like that in Karuizawa! he said"

Tsubasa (24 years old), Ice hockey player has been living in Karuizawa since 3rd grade in primary school.

Trindle "I like Tsubasa-chan the most. She is comforting"

Yamazato "There is no hint of romance with her yet. She hasn't had a boyfriend for about 5 years."

YOU "But, she is an athlete,so she's strong."

Yamazato "libido?" (Studio laugh)

Seon (22 years old) is an aspiring model.

"I am hoping people would swoon over me by watching me in Terrace House"

Hayama "He is the most mysterious?"

And the studio member talks about Yudai's Pandas stuffed toy.

YOU "What's strange is that he has two, but he named only one. Isn't it scary?"

Tokui "What made them different?"

Yamazato "He wasn't prepared...Maybe he didn't expect to be asked about the other one.

It happens to us cimedians when we come up with a character. We are asked too many details and we can't come up with answers."

Tokui: "We look to management for help. Like, what should I do?"

Yamazato"Let's watch this weeks episode and find out more of Yudai's strange behaviour"

Ami's honest opinion - soup was tasteless and Takayuki's dinner idea was bad

Yudai is cooking soup in the kitchen. Mizuki came in. Yudai asks what Ami looks like without a make-up.

Mizuki "She looked the same"

Yudai "It would have been funny if she looked ugly"

Takayuki came back after driving Seon to work. Tsubasa is still asleep.

Everyone eats Yudai's soup.

Yudai "Does it have enough flavour?"

Ami "It is a bit light, but it's good"

Ami is with her two friends at a cafe

Ami "I am sure they are all good-looking by society's standards. But they are not for me"

Friends laugh "It's done! Come home already" Laugh

Ami "I do not know yet."

A Friend "Is the 'cook' a pastry chef?"

Ami "He wants to cook Italian food. He cooked breakfast for us today. He arranged the leftovers into a soup. It was good..He said it himself. It was too light."

A friend "He's still got a long way to go."

Ami "He said it was light, and it was."

A friend "Why didn't he just add flavour to begin with?"

Ami "The hot pot too. I wanted a more flavourful hot pot. But they decided to do a mizutaki. I was like, are your serious? "

A friend "Why didn't anyone complain?"

Ami "The 31-year-old suggested the mizutaki, so I couldn't say no. "

A friend "The 31 years old hot pot sergeant"

Ami "I'm not the real me in Karuizawa."

Yudai's Pandas "Creepy"

Everyone except Tsubasa are talking about the schedule for tomorrow. Yudai requests to go to a cafe which serves pasta. Tsubasa comes home after ice hockey training.

And the boys bring up Yudai's  stuffed toy Pandas. Yudai call them Aijin (lovers).

Takayuki explains to the girls how Yudai put a panda stuffed toy on both sides of the bedside and go to bed.

Tsubasa "That's crazy...I just pictured it"

Takayuki asks Ami "What do you think?"

Ami "Well, honestly? That's creepy"

They are all laughing.

Yudai talks about why he wanted to become a cook. He chose cooking because he wanted to work wherever he goes in the world. His parents told him to work hard and not come back to his parents house until he achieves his goal.

Seon "Well then, we can ask you to cook whenever we feel hungry?"

Takayuki "I don't know about that"

Seon "Well, it's for his sake" lol

Sean, Yudai, Mizuki and Ami gather in TV room

Yudai "You said that you are ugly without a make-up, but you look the same"

Mizuki "That's right, you look the same"

Yudui "I was ready to make fun of you"

Ami "You were telling me"

Yudai "I was expecting you to look ugly.

Mizuki "She was actually cute"

Yudai "I am not going to say it though"

Mizuki "What's the point in that?"

Sean "He is too proud"

Mizuki "What is pride?"

Yudai "Because it's annoying"

Sean "That's the same as you saying she's cute."

Yudai "No, it's not, it's different. Damn it"

Mizuki "You are not going to say anything about that?"

Ami "Yeah. Thank you"

Studio Talk 

Yama-chan "Well, maybe it's just me, but aren't they really annoying?"

Tokui: These guys?

Yama-chan: Especially the pseudo Model....Her friends were rotten too. Their ugliness is reflected. That was maddening. She was referring to people by their ages and jobs.

YOU "Ami-chan was different during lunch. She really was."

Babazono "she was harsh"

Tokui "Not only was she complaining about the taste of Yudai's soup, but also complained about Mizutaki"

Yamazato "What was there to be upset about?"

Tokui "She just didn't want it. Bust since Nakamura said it (laugh)"

YOU "Mr. Nakamura apologised for making the decision and asked if it was okay, right?"

Yamazato "But mizutaki is not a food to get upset over"

Hayama "That's right!"

Tokui "Everyone likes it"

Yamazato "They even put sausages in it."

Tokui "Older people tend to like lighter flavors. She probably didn't want it on the first day."

Yamazato "Gag her mouth with fried chicken" (Studio members laugh)

"She pisses me off"

Tokui, YOU "You are on a roll"

Yamazato "I don't like her"

Yamazato realised that Ami is going to be the type he doesn't like.

The studio member think Ami will talk to her friends about Yudai carrying on about her face without a make-up.

Yamazato "Well, I want to watch more scenes with Ami and her friends regularly" (laugh)

Talk in Boys room and girls room

Sean comes to kitchen where Mizuki is working on a computer. Mizuki talks about her Korean cosmetic website and how she wants to start up her own underwear brand.

Mizuki, Sean, Ami, Yudai go out to have lunch at the Italian restaurant.

Yudai and Ami tells others that Yudai will show Ami how to cook.

Ami offers Yudai some mushrooms. Yudai asks her to feed him but Ami says "No".

In the boys room, Yudai tells other boys that he wants to ask Ami out when he cooks together.

In the girls room, Mizuki asks Ami what she think about Yudai. Ami says she doesn't know what to think. She feels that he talks down to her.

Mizuki asks Ami if she is okay or annoyed with Yudai. Ami says she have never been bossed around like Yudai does.

Ami "He told me that he will write the recipe and you make it. So I am like, who are you? It is not like let's cook together. I don't know..maybe that's how he communicates"

The next morning, Tsubasa and Sean are in the kitchen having a cup of coffee.

Sean "Tsu-chan, you are not really home often, but when you come home, it feels like you've been always here "

Tsubasa: "Oh, really? I am fitting in? Well, I'm still not completely comfortable.

Sean "Do you get nervous?"

Tsubasa: "I do, I am nervous right now"

Sean asks if there anything Tsubasa want to do or go somewhere when she is free. Tsubasa says that she wants to go out in a car and take a trip. So they promised to go to Kusatsu.

Studio Talk Surprised by surprising reaction

Trindle "Ami-chan does not seem to mind it"

Babazono "Surprisingly"

Yamazato "That is surprising, isn't it?"

Tokui"She has never had someone act that way with her. "first time" is always... it could go very wrong but it could be good, too. Midiocre is always the worst."

YOU "I saw some possibility there."

Babazono "It's the stereotypocal situation of a boy teasing the girl he likes"

Yamazato "Like in elementary school!"

Tokui "Look! (reaches his hand to Babazono) Look at the Frog" (laugh)

YOU "Or like when they flip their eyelids then turn around" LOL

"But, Ami said that's the type of guys she likes. He heard her say that"

Yamazato "She likes guys who scold her, not talk down to her"

YOU "But that's what Yudai thinks"

Yamazato "Well, Yudai-san,His capacity is only about 2 bytes" (laugh)

YOU "Yeah, I know, I have about 2.5 bytes. I understand."

Trindle "At first, he said he was like a puppy. He is acting a little different now. Is it because he is hitting on her? "

YOU "Yes, he used his 2.5 bytes to think up that plan"

Tokui "2.5 bytes is pretty small, because the original NES was 4 bytes"

Yamazato "It's like a game watch"

Tokui" Will they develop into something more? or will it sputter...The smartphone generation is fascinated by retro gadgets"

Everyone in the studio is pleased about how Tsubasa chan and Sean are planning to go to Kusatsu hot spring.

Ami and Yudai are in the kitchen to start "cooking lesson". Yudai shows how to cut onions and meat. Yudai tells Ami to "have a conversation with ingredients".

Yudai asks when Ami's free days are. He asks if she wants to go out on a trip. Ami asks if she has to drive, and says that she is happy to go somewhere close by.


It seems that Ami hasn't shown her real self yet, but Yudai asked Ami out.

Sean asks Tsubasa out to go to Kusatsu. They are very natural. Sean is very gentle when Tsubasa is still nervous.

I can't wait to see their dates!


-Terracehouse Opening New Doors
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