【Terrace House Opening New Doors】SPOILERS Part 1: Episode 1: Opening New Doors


Terrace House "OPENING NEW DOORS" in Karuizawa is a Japanese reality TV show featuring 6 people living in a share house. This is a spoiler of the show also including Studio Talk!


Awaited first episode starts

It begins with YOU's familiar terrace house commentary

"Terrace House is the show just recorded six strangers of men and women living together, the only things we prepared are nice house and nice car, no scripts."

Tokui " I wished Terrace House had started already every time I walked passed near the studio."

New member, actor, Shono Hayama  22 years old joined. He was watching the Terrace House since he was a sophomore in high school and watched it to keep up with the trend because everyone was watching at high school.

When Yamazato asked Shono about Taishi, one of the member of the Hawaiian compilation, Terrace House Aloha State, He said " if I have to answer, I didn't like him ".

Tokui said he met him in Daikanyama and he was a polite young man.

“Well, he is a Samurai after all "(His nick name was Guilty Samurai)

Because it is a cold season in Karuizawa, the Babazono says "Being cold make people miss others"

People in the studio are excited that they will be able to expect romantic scenes in front of the fire.

Babazono asks if member’s age might be higher. Tokui "Image of summer resort?" Babazono "That's right" (studio laugh)

"That’s no good! Six people in their 40’s are not suitable for Terrace House!"

Trindle "But I want to see it"

Babazono "Like, I am a divorced tax accountant" (laugh)


Members move in

The first person who first came to a quiet terrace house in Karuizawa was female member Ami Komuro 20 years old. Place baggage in the kitchen, wait in a dining room.

The second person is a male member Yudai Arai, 19 years old who introduced himself nervously. Although he was working as a chef and studying at a cooking vocational school, he decided to concentrate on working. He explained his grandmother applied for a terrace house while he was busy, and decided join.

The third person is female member Mizuki Haruta, 26 years old. She is originally from Zushi city in Kamakura, has lived about 2 and a half years in Korea. She just returned to Japan yesterday. She says that her work is writing articles on her website, working as an interpreter, translation interpreter and so on.

The fourth person is Takayuki Nakamura 31 years old. coming in with snowboard. Yudai shows unusual nervousness for some reason.

Yudai "I am particularly interested if you are a snowboarder"

Takayuki” That's right.”

Yudai "I'm so excited"

For this, girls are excited and say "Please teach us"

Takayuki “I live nearby. I run my own snowboard apparel brand while doing part-time job at Karuizawa's Yakiniku Restaurant in summer.” He says he is only playing snowboard in winter.

The fifth person is a female member Tsubasa Sato, 24 years old comes with ice hockey sticks and a big luggage.

She has lived in Karuizawa since the third grade primary school. Ice hockey belongs to a local club because girls have no professional and explained that the Japanese national team will be selected from the club. She explains that the reason for coming to the terrace house is to raising awareness of Japanese women's ice hockey.

When five people are chatting around the dining table, the sixth male member comes along. Two boys raise a voice saying "Men!" Half-American and half-Japanese Seon Okamoto, 22 years old. One of the members asked “What is your height? “ He answered that it is about 190 centimetres.

Takayuki "When you are that tall, it is “about” that tall" (laugh)

He would like to go on a show or Paris collection soon after being a model. "Having watched the terrace house, I wanted to be popular like those people who have been on the show" says Sean honestly.

Members explore the house. Check the hinoki bath, the TV room where you can see the scenery outside through a glass window and go to the bedroom. Then select each bed.


Mens talk What is the first impression of girls

In a male room they talk about girl members.

Takayuki "Ami is cute, I do not know anyone like her…"

Yudai "She is shiny"

Takayuki "Yes, I have not seen it"

Yudai "I felt easy to talk to her because our age is close, honestly, but Mizuki does not feel the difference of age years at all"

Sean "My first impression was Mizuki. She is cute"

Yudai "Tsubasa looks younger than me…"

Sean "I wonder if this land made it so, Karuizawa land gave birth to that child"

Takayuki "It seems she grew innocent" (laugh)

Sean "Is she innocent, I guess?"

Yudai "I do not know, it's still the beginning... we have to talk more"


The first impression of members by a studio member

Tokui “Well, they are fresh as an early member”

Yamazato "I want to spread hockey, I came for that purpose, isn’t she a good person?"

Tokui "Tsubasa is number one soboku (naïve and down to earth) in the history of Teraha (Terrace House)?"

Yamazato "Well, what kind of person does she like and how will she fall in love?”

Tokui "I am interested in how much experience she has in past as well"

Yamazato "And the moment Yudai’s tension went up the most was when the moment Nakamura came in. He said “I go up and up!" (Laugh)

YOU “So I thought he liked male, but it does not seem to be the case"

Yamazato says he must be careful with what he says about Yudai as his grandmother applied and she will be watching.

Tokui says Mizuki and Sean might have some common topic such as “talk about the writers of Europe". (Lol)

As the house is settled down in the mountains, it is anticipated that there will be plenty of time everyone spends at home. Series of snowboard images are expected, everyone will go to cheering for Tsubasa, and the expectation of the studio members spread.


Who is Nabe magistrate? Talk about favourite type

Tsubasa goes out to work, and five people go out to buy ingredients for hot pot. Takayuki naming as a magistrate nabe suggests “Mizutaki” hot pot with no flavour and suggests that each chooses their sauce to eat them with.

They cooperate and prepare a pot. Yudai, aspiring chefs prepared appetizers with cheese.

They surround the table and start eating and started to talk about a favourite type of opposite sex. Sean says he likes someone who laugh a lot and not too negative. Takayuki agrees. He also like active type who likes outdoor and trying anything.

Seon "Someone who tries rather than saying no first."

Takayuki "Someone who says I want to do anything, I want to do it before she says I do not want to do it”

Then Ami says, "I might be that type of woman who says no first"

Takayuki: "Well then, what kind of thing would you like?"

Ami "My favourite type is a harsh person. When I ask his opinion, instead of saying comforting things, I’d rather hear him say what I did wrong.”

Yudai "It is unusual! You are unusual!"

Ami "I like people who are not interested in Ami"

Mizuki "Ah I understand, that's what I understand"

Takayuki "Why?"

Seon "I do not understand"

Ami "I want to chase someone"

Takayuki “Oh, You want him to turn around?”

Mizuki "I understand it. I get less interested when he is interested."

Takayuki “What happens when he become interested in you,for example?"

Mizuki "The end, it is over then,"

Ami "Thank you very much"

Mizuki "Yes, thank you very much!" (Laugh)

Takayuki "It is cruel, think about the feelings of those who turned around!"

Ami "I want to go out with people who are beyond that, who I can say thank you for turning around!, Where are you !?" (Laugh)

Takayuki "Where are you?"

Yudai "Cruelty, seriously"

And when Yudai is asked his type, he says, "Who can take good care of me"

Ami "Eh, freaky"

Mizuki "Someone who is good at caring?"

Seon "Someone who has got a motherly nature?"

Yudai "I am told that I am like a puppy, so I want a mother dog."

(Mizuki laughs loudly)


Tsubasa comes home. She is delighted with the hot pot for dinner. When Seon talks about wanting to go to the gym, Mizuki wants to join him, so they will go to the gym where Tsubasa works together. And back to the romance talk of "Tsubasa. She says she hasn’t had boyfriend for five or six years. When she is asked about the type she like, "people who are doing sports, those I can relax with, people I can be myself"

Takayuki and Seon went outside and talked about girls. "Anyway it's fun," Takayuki said. Seon said "unexpectedly different from the first impression."

In the studio, the topic is about Yudai. He is like a child, he is a puppy. .

Tokui "I want to see Yudai and Ami become a bit romantic, and Ami who is saying no at first, starts doing things around Yudai in the end "

Yamazato: "I had a moment of shock. When Seon said his type he doesn’t like ,and Ami said that’s me. Does it suggest that she is shutting him out?

Yamazato: "I think she is suggesting fighting"

YOU "It is wrong."

Tokui “Well, isn’t she confessing that she is that type? "

YOU "Yes"

Tokui "I may be that kind of person"

Babazono "Do you think they are all attacks?"

Yamazato "Oh yeah”

Tokui "Now, desperate to find first attack target, now he is working hard to figure out who."

YOU "He wants to attack, it cannot be helped!"

Yamazato "Because my significance of existence will disappear if you remain peaceful like this" (laugh)

Tokui "I have a bit of a feeling that Mizuki and Ami do not get along”

Yamazato: "But it seems that Tsubasa will keep it all rounds, but as long as Tsubasa is there, it seems that it will not be a big trouble."

Tokui "Somehow Tsubasa chan says ‘I have a stomach-ache’, ‘I am fine’, ‘are you all right?’ Then becoming, going to the toilet and says ‘it was just a fart’ (laughing) It seems that the incident will happen, but the Terrace House stays at peace.”

YOU "Like, ‘Good, it was just a fart!’ (Applauding)"

YOU "Mr. Nakamura (Takayuki), he seems like an old man of a yakitori shop in the neighbourhood of a town where you live.

Tokui "He suddenly lives with a young girl ‘It is fun!’ (Laugh) Like, this type of thing does not happen in the local area."

YOU "Like, a girl from Tokyo is different!”


Panda appeared in a male room

Boys are talking about two pandas in the boys' room at Yudai’s bedside.

Because he is lonely, he sleeps with them on both sides of pillow. Yukari is the name of one panda. And since the other is unknown, everyone thinks of the name, with a proposal of Sean, Sayaka is picked for the other panda’s name.  Yu-chan and Sa-chan.

 Women's room talks Impression of men?

In a girls' room they talk about boy members. Mizuki said that she gets on well with Sean. Ami was asked about Yudai and she says he is younger and feel that way too. Tsubasa says Takayuki is a leader type and they all expect him to lead the group.



A refreshing member got together! Takayuki, the snowboarder is a handsome man and I feel that he is already leading the group because of him being the oldest.

Teraha history number one Soboku Tsubasa was the most natural and cute I thought. By the way, the first impression Looks super cute Ami, if you hear the story of a type of male she likes, she seems to be a bit grumpy or is it a trickster I thought.

The youngest member Yudai has proved his position as the youngest by saying or doing things in a certain way. No wonder he is called a puppy.

Sean, the model has a good impression His conversation is quite good. Mizuki seems to like a lot of conversation, so these two people seem to fit. They talked about going to the gym together soon, so see what will happen to these two. The talk of the studio member is fun. Shono Hayama who joined this season, used to watch Terrace House and he made good comments.

I am also looking forward to snowboard scenes♪


-Terracehouse Opening New Doors
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